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K.J.Heritage in 'serious author mode'

“K.J.Heritage’s uncanny sense of pacing and story puts him at the forefront of today’s speculative fiction writers.”

Samuel Peralta, US TODAY bestselling author and creator of The Future Chronicles

When K.J.Heritage isn’t posing for pretentious-looking authory photographs and penning third-person descriptions about himself for online consumption, he’s an international bestselling author writing the books he likes to read. From psychological thrillers and mystery sci-fi to crime, action & adventure, and epic fantasy. He should really stick to one genre, but he’s not that kind of writer… or reader.

His first sci-fi short story, ‘ESCAPING THE CRADLE’ was runner-up in the 2005 Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition.

Other stories have appeared in several anthologies with such self-publishing sci-fi luminaries as Hugh Howey, Samuel Peralta and Michael Bunker.

K.J.Heritage’s short story, CHURCHILL’S ROCK, part of the ‘Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet’ anthology, will be aboard the Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lunar Lander set for launch on the United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket platform bound for the moon in 2023.

He has worked all the requisite ‘writer jobs’ such as driver’s mate, factory gateman, barman, labourer, telesales operative, sales assistant, warehouseman, IT contractor, Student Union President, university IT helpdesk guy, British Rail signal software designer, premiership football website designer, gigging musician, graphic designer, stand-up comedian, sound engineer, improv artist, magazine editor and web journo… Although he doesn’t like to talk about it. Mostly. Well maybe a little bit.

He was born in the UK in one of the more interesting previous centuries. Originally from Derbyshire, he now lives in the seaside town of Brighton. He is a tea drinker, cancer survivor, avid Twitterer (@kjheritage), and neurodiverse (ASD) human being.

For all media enquiries, event/booking information, signed copies, etc. please email: contact@kjheritage.com


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